Source-to-Sea Montenegro to Albania


Experience the ultimate Balkan adventure with our 5-day, 100 km self-supported kayak journey through Montenegro and Albania.

Discover incredible landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture as you paddle three rivers – Rijeka Crnojevića, Morača, Bojana – and Skadar Lake, culminating in an unforgettable finish at the Adriatic Sea.

Camp in surreal locations, surrounded by the majestic Montenegrin mountain ranges, including The Accursed Mountains, Komovi, Lovćen, and Rumija. Explore ancient towns, monasteries, castles, and fortresses, and witness Europe’s largest bird reserve up close.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime international aquatic journey from source-to-sea. Book your spot now and immerse yourself in awe-inspiring landscapes that will leave you breathless.


On all the kayaking days we will set off after breakfast,. Lunch will be on the go and will consist mainly of high energy snacks to sustain you during the paddling. We always select accommodation/camp sites in the logistically most convenient locations. However, if the bookings are made for high season or at short notice, the preferred accommodation/campsite, from our itinerary may not be available. In this instance we find the best alternative of a similar standard.


  • Self-supported kayak journey through Montenegro and Albania
  • Paddle three rivers and Skadar Lake to the Adriatic Sea
  • Camp in surreal locations surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges
  • Explore ancient towns, monasteries, castles, and fortresses
  • Kayak through Europe’s largest bird reserve
Day 1: Arrival

The meeting point for this adventure is Village Virpazar. Depending on where you land, there is a 35 minute drive from Podgorica or a 1 h 30 min drive from Tivat to Virpazar.

During the afternoon you’ll have time to get your gear packed and get ready for our cross-country kayak adventure.

On the first night with us we will have a group dinner and you will stay in a campsite accommodation in Virpazar.

Day 2: Rijeka Crnojevića to Vranjina Island

After breakfast, there is a short drive to our departure point, Rijeka Crnojevića. Rijeka Crnojevića is a medieval village on the eponymous Rijeka Crnojevića River. Nowadays, Rijeka Crnojevića is an idyllic, sleepy fishing village, but in the 15th century, it was Montenegro’s capital.

From our departure point, we will meander along Rijeka Crnojevića River, paddling all the way down into Morača River. We will set up our camp on the island Vranjina, in between, Morača and Skadar Lake, were will spend the night. On the first paddle day, we will kayak approximately 23 km.

Day 3: Vranjina Island to Murići

From Vranjina, we will cross the entire Skadar Lake, heading towards an old and picturesque fishing village, Raduš. Along the way, we will have spectacular views of Rumija Mountain on one and The Accursed Mountains on the other side. From Raduš, we will journey on, passing Krnjice Village and an island monastery, Starčeva Glava. Our final stop for the day will be at our next campsite, and one of the most beautiful beaches on the lake, Murići Beach.

On the second paddling day, we will kayak approximately 20 km.

Day 4: Murići to Ckla

After a morning swim, we will continue our journey, along the widest section of the lake. This is the day where we have the biggest chance of seeing some of the endangered Dalmatian Pelicans. We will kayak past many small islands on which many have monasteries. We will make a pit stop at one of these, where we will have an opportunity for a short guided tour by the local nuns. During the tour, you will learn about the monastery’s rich history and the nuns’ life on the island. Following the island visit, we will finally make our way to and set up camp in Ckla, a village right on the Albanian border.

On the third paddling day, we will kayak approximately 17 km.

Day 5: Ckla to Shkodra

After breakfast our day will start with a bit of paperwork to get our border transit documents stamped. Once complete we will be ready to dig our paddles into the lake once more! In the morning, we will complete the final stretch of Skadar Lake before it turns into the River Bojana. Within 3 km of paddling, we will officially enter Albanian territory, passing the beautiful village of Zogay on our way to Shkodra.

Before we reach the city, we will stop at the well-known fisherman’s village Shiroka, famous its fish restaurants on the shores of the lake. Here we will dine on fresh fish accompanied by delicious Albanian white wine. After lunch/dinner we will enter the historical city of Shkodra, where we will be staying in a cosy house and you will have a free evening and the opportunity to explore the Albania’s oldest city.

On the fourth paddling day, we will kayak approximately 15 km.

Day 6: Shkodra to the Adriatic Sea

On our final and longest kayaking day, we will head downriver back towards Montenegro and the sea. We will reach the mouth of the River Bojana, which is 60 m wide with wonderfully fresh and clean water. From here on, we will travel on the border (which runs through the middle of the river) for approximately 15 km. Three km before we reach the sea, we re-enter Montenegro – a bittersweet moment. After all, this destination has been the whole aim of our trip, but it also means that our adventure is almost over!

Our final destination is Ada Bojana and Velika Plaža – 13 km long sandy beach. Here we will soak up the sun, swim and relax in the Adriatic Sea. On our final night, we will stay by the beach in one of the nearby houses scattered along the estuary.

On the fifth paddling day, we will kayak approximately 40 km.

Day 7: Return to Virpazar and departure

Breakfast on the house terrace over the river is where we will have our farewell meal. You’ll have time to take the opportunity to swim in the river before returning to Virpazar. If you’d prefer to stay a bit longer on the coast, we recommend that you visit Ulcinj, a haven for kitesurfers.

If you are staying longer in Montenegro you can always join us us on another adventure 😊

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