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If you ask ME, Durmitor National Park is Montenegro’s nature heaven. It has 48 imposing peaks exceeding 2000 m, 18 magical glacial lakes and several breath-taking river canyons. This is why Durmitor National Park is a perfect place for adventure activities including hiking, canoeing/packrafting, canyoning and cycling.

This tour unites a number of our favourite locations and activities within Durmitor National Park to create the ultimate Montenegrin adventure experience – trust ME! 

The adventure includes a 5-hour adrenaline-fuelled canyoning through the narrow cliffs and turquoise waters of the Canyon Nevidio. You will hike up to Durmitor’s highest peak, towering at 2523 m. From the peak, we will take you down to canoe/packraft through the world’s second deepest canyon and the least commercial and the most beautiful part of Tara River. Last, but not least, we will undertake and e-bike journey over Piva Plateau. Along the journey, you might think you’ve gone back in time as you stop off for a drink and a chat at traditional farmers’ houses in remote wilderness.

If you are a true adventure-seeker, join ME on this unforgettable 8-day journey to experience the most beautiful parts of Montenegro.


Transfer from and back to Podgorica Airport of Podgorica area is included in the price. If you need to be picked up from elsewhere, there is an additional cost. We always select accommodation in the logistically most convenient locations. However, if the bookings are made for high season or at short notice the preferred accommodation, from our itinerary, may not be available. In this instance we find the best alternative of a similar standard.


  • Explore the best of Durmitor National Park
  • Hand-picked adventure activities
  • Hike up Durmitor’s highest peak
  • Navigating your own packraft along Tara River
  • e-bike Piva Plateau
  • Opportunity to see big game wildlife
  • Accommodation in hand-picked locations
Day 1: Arrival

We will pick you up from Podgorica Airport or Podgorica Area. From there, there is an approximately a 3 hour drive to Komarnica River and Pošćenje Village.

The overnight stay is in a camp with private bungalows. The camp has a nice bar and a restaurant with local cuisine. A cooked dinner is included in the first night’s stay.

Day 2: Canyoning through Nevidio Canyon

We will start our fist adventure day after a hearty traditional breakfast. The breakfast will fuel you through the adrenaline-charged canyoning we have in store for you!

Nevidio means “Unseen” and it’s a canyon that was discovered only 60 years ago. The journey through it will see you swimming, climbing and jumping off the cliffs into the fresh, turquoise waters of the river. This adventure takes between 3 to 5 hours to complete.

Day 3: Hike to Bobotov Kuk

On this day we will hike up Bobotov Kuk, the highest peak of Durmitor. Up until recently this peak was also considered as the highest of Montenegro.

The hike starts in Dobri Do, taking us over the mountain pass Sedlo then straight to the top. From here the views will leave you speechless. The round trip is approximately 6 hours. If we are lucky we might see big game wildlife along the way, including Chamois or even bears.

We will spend the night in the nearby town of Žabljak. At night, there is an optional walk to one of the most beautiful lakes in the national park, Crno Jezero, or a visit to a Spa.

Day 4: Packrafting Tara Canyon 1/2

Packrafting through Tara Canyon is our favourite part of the adventure. It also tends to be the favourite for many of our clients!

We make our morning way to the packrafting starting point, approximately an hour’s drive from Žabljak. The first day’s packrafting is a 23 km journey through the canyon, that will leave you speechless. The canyon features untouched wilderness and on most trips we sight big game wildlife, including chamois, deer, or if extremely lucky, wolves or bears.

The first night in the canyon is spent in Tepca Village, in the locals’ guest accommodation. The village has incredible views of the canyon and the surroundings. Staying here offers an authentic experience, where you’ll witness traditional Montenegrin rural lifestyle, along with its people and food.

Day 5: Packrafting Tara Canyon 2/2

The second packrafting day through the canyon is a 28 km one. It is just as beautiful as the fist day, if not more so. This packrafting day takes us through the deepest part of the canyon along stunning scenery. We make regular stops during the journey, on both days, for you to stretch your legs, have a snack and enjoy some waterfalls and caves.

The final 6 km section is fastest section of the river. The rapids here include a number of class III, with an occasional class IV rapid.

The packrafting journey ends at the beautiful Camp Grab, on the river bank. Here we will spend the remaining 3 nights in lodge-style accommodation.

Day 6: Leisure day at Camp Grab

On this day we will take an opportunity to have a day’s rest following the tiresome adventures. The camp has a nice beach on the river bank, a bar and a restaurant.

For those restless, eager ones, the camp offers several organised activities (hiking, kayaking, fishing) that you could engage in. Please note that these activities are not included in the price.

Day 7: E-bike Piva Plateau

Following the much needed recovery day the adventure continues! For the final one we will take you on a 41 km e-cycling circular journey on the Piva Mountain Plateau.

The journey starts from Camp Grab, ascending to Sokolina, an incredible view point above the river canyon. From here the journey continues to Jerenići, Zeićno and Pregvozdje villages. Along the way we will make a lunch break at a local farm. From here, we will descent back down to Camp Grab for the well deserved dinner and a glass of wine over which we hope to plan our next adventure.

Day 8: Departure

On the last day, after breakfast, we will take you back to Podgorica. It’s an approximately a 3 hour drive from the camp.

If you are staying longer in Montenegro you can always join us on another adventure 😊

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Durmitor Multy Activity

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  • I went on the komarnica packraft tour with Gigo. Amazing experience! The river is a hidden gem in Montenegro. Not very accessible but once you are there, the nature is so wonderful! I never packrafted on a Whitewater river before, but Gigo gave great explanations and safety measures. 100% recommend!

  • I went on the komarnica packraft tour with Gigo. Amazing experience! The river is a hidden gem in Montenegro. Not very accessible but once you are there, the nature is so wonderful! I never packrafted on a Whitewater river before, but Gigo gave great explanations and safety measures. 100% recommend!

  • Gigo is very knowledgeable, offers excellent customer service, is punctual, offers tailored trips, gear is in great shape. If it was up to us he would well and truely deserve the Montenegrin business awarded of the year. We hope to come back.

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